Professional Video Editing

Course Information

Whether you want to learn how to use video editing software or simply looking for new techniques for filming and editing video footage from a variety of different camera, This course is for you. You will learn how to edit a video from start to finish using any Video Editing Software and also will be provided with interactive and practical sessions, covering topics such as video editing, clips, audio, transitions, etc.


  • Setting up Project, Importing and Organizing Media
  • Essentials of Video Editing
  • Working with Clips, Markers and Transitions
  • Adding Transitions
  • Putting Clips in Motion
  • Multi-camera Editing
  • Editing and Mixing Audio
  • Sweetening Sound
  • Adding Video Effects
  • Exporting clips to various sizes and Formats
  • Managing Video Editing Projects



Four (4) Weeks One-on-One Classroom + Unrestricted Online Class



Eight (8) Weeks One-on-One Classroom + Unrestricted Online Class + Mentorship

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